Beautiful Homes, Happy Customers

"The entire experience was stress free"

When my wife and I were looking to move our family from California to Utah we were having a tough time finding a house to call home so we decided to look into building. After meeting with multiple companies we finally met Troy. It didn't take long for us to decide Utah Oasis Homes was the direction we wanted to go and we are so glad we did.

The entire experience was stress free and as exciting as getting a new home should be. We especially liked being able to work with Troy directly and not having to deal with a "middleman" between us and the contractors. Troy was responsive, patient with our indecisiveness, and thorough in his work. We often found him at the house inspecting, overseeing, and even doing much of the work himself. Not once was there an attempt to up-sale us and Troy's standards included nearly everything other builders considered costly upgrades.

We have recommended Utah Oasis Homes to family and friends resulting in my own mother building with Troy as well. We would definitely build with Utah Oasis Homes again in the future. Only we don't think we will ever need to since this home was done right the first time! We couldn't be happier.

- Matthew and Clarissa Alvernaz

"Since the day we moved in, we’ve had nothing to worry about"

With our one year anniversary having just passed, I thought I would drop you a line of appreciation for the great experience we’ve had with Oasis homes.

After having looked at least 100 other homes early last year, and talking to several builders in the process, we were just on the verge of purchasing another home in Lehi before we discovered your Sage Vista home. Everything about your home design and quality was in the outstanding category, and that’s why we chose you as our builder.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find a builder who personally knew every square inch of the home he was building, instead of leaving it up to a foreman or contractor. You were on site daily and always made sure everything was done right, all the way down to searching for tiny squeaks in the floor and upgrades to make everything perfect.

Your sub-contractors were terrific. I didn’t think we could ever get the quality of build we enjoyed in our home in Alpine, but your custom expertise and professional building experience has convinced me otherwise.

It’s a beautiful home, in a beautiful neighborhood, and since the day we moved in, we’ve had nothing to worry about, in fact, any item I’ve ever mentioned has always been met with a fast and friendly willingness to take care of it immediately.

Thank You Oasis Homes.

- Steve and Liz Swanson

"We love our house!"

Thank you so much for taking the time to build the perfect house for us. We didn’t want to build a “cookie-cutter” house from one of the volume builders, but we couldn’t afford to break the bank either.

Our house is a perfect custom home with all of the latest design and construction elements that truly makes it stand out. The neighbors all want to know who built our house and wish they’d been as fortunate to find Oasis Homes.

It’s so nice in these crazy times to have some one we could really trust and count on through this process. We always hear stories of stress and frustration when building, but we actually had fun!

- Brian and Karen Nay

"We chose Utah Oasis Homes"

Over the past 25 years my wife and I have built several dream homes for our family to grow in. Our last home was built in the country where I grew up as a child and sits on 14 acres. Needless to say my wife and I spent several months interviewing builders who had the knowledge and expertise to build our final perfect dream home.

After meeting and discussing our plans with several builders we chose Utah Oasis Homes. My wife and I couldn’t be more happy or exited with the final product! Troy Shaw was awesome to work with and extremely honest and trustworthy! In fact, we enjoyed working with him so much that we had our son use him as his builder!

My wife and I are blessed to have the financial means to build what we wanted and the process couldn’t have gone any easier or more smoothly! Utah Oasis Homes and Troy Shaw are most definitely the BEST and I would highly recommend them for you!!!

- Tracy Dye